Building Work


To optimise the layout, break down quotes, negotiate rates in order to obtain quality work at the best price, check-up on the team’s progress and anticipate potential difficulties on a building site all requires time, technical skills and good craftsmen.

Our team are absolute experts in building work supervision, from refurbishing to a complete renovation, guaranteeing you competitive rates, high quality work and that deadlines are respected.

Our services include the monitoring of your project from A to Z, from the project planning phase, through the proposal of various options to optimize space and layout, to the delivery of building work. The client can check-up on progress at any time thanks to a dedicated tool.

We also offer you the ability to take advantage of a network of experts that can intervene at any step of the project: Architects, design offices, builder liability insurance guarantees…


Furnishings service

Once the property has been purchased and renovated, it can be complicated for the client to manage alone and/or remotely the furnishing of a property ahead of it being offered for rental. It’s a fact that high-quality decorations and furnishings make a difference and ensures that the owner has the best choice of subsequent rental proposals.

Dreaméo has therefore developed a specific offer for furnishings.

This offer allows you to save time, obtain the best price and furnish the property in the decorative style chosen with products that correspond perfectly to the expectations of future occupants.