Rental Management


Successful property investments are based on strict management that installs trust between the owner, tenant and manager.

Choosing the best rental or lease candidate, satisfying the growing expectations of tenants, effectively managing accidents and repairs, completing tax returns all requires time, commitment and professionalism.
Our team of human dimensions offers a high-quality service, availability and responsiveness, enabling you to optimise the performance of your investment.


When offering your property to potential tenants we always propose individual visits, which allow us to get to know the candidates better. We systematically check all documents supplied and the decision as to the final choice of tenant is always validated by one of the Dreaméo management team.

Our property management services take care of everything from A to Z, freeing you completely from the day-to-day management of your investment and guarantees that your rental income and property are both protected thanks to our competitively priced policies for rent guarantee1 and landlord property insurance².
1 rent guarantee insurance (RGI)
² landlord property insurance

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